MySmile Dental Studio is a dental practice in White River offering the full range of dental services. Our practice is located in the tranquil atmosphere of the Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre, White River, South Africa, with dentists Dr. Auke van der Meulen and Dr. Karen Kromhout.

Dr Auke van der Meulen
Dr Auke van der MeulenDentist
Dr. Auke van der Meulen is local to the Lowveld and grew up in the village of Graskop. He completed his dental degree at the University of Pretoria in 1990. He worked in the United Kingdom for 5 years and returned to South Africa in 1996.
Dr Karen Kromhout
Dr Karen KromhoutDentist
From 1994-1996 Dr. Kromhout worked in the UK. She returned to SA in 1997 and started her own practice in Lydenburg in 1999. DR Van der Meulen joined her and they started MySmile Dental Studio in White River in 2013.
Sarina Pilusa
Sarina PilusaDental Assistant
Sarine is an experienced dental assistant. She joined our practice in January 2020 after working in Johannesburg for more than 7 years. She is calm and efficient in her work and will help to make your experience most pleasant.
Gisela du Preez
Gisela du PreezOral Hygienist
We are privileged to have Gisela in White River as our oral hygienist. She has many years of experience. She uses the latest in dental cleaning, Air-Flow from EMS Dental to remove biofilm and stains from your teeth efficiently, but gently.
Charmaine Rodgers
Charmaine RodgersReceptionist
Charmaine is a White River resident and she joined us in October 2019. She is the friendly receptionist you will meet at the front desk or over the telephone.
Haidey Centy Menya
Haidey Centy MenyaCleaning Assistant

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Dental Services

Dr. Auke van der Meulen and Dr. Karen Kromhout both practiced in the United Kingdom as dentists, before returning to South Africa about 17 years ago. We also have a dental practice, MySmile Dental Studio – Lydenburg. This practice is well established since 1999. We strive to make your experience at the dentist as pleasant as possible. With regular visits for a check-up and cleaning, we can minimize any risk of serious dental problems!

Healthy, beautiful teeth are an asset and immediately make the face more attractive. They provide us with self-confidence and improve our quality of life. They also have an important effect on our diet, health, and overall well-being. Through a holistic approach, we can prevent oral disease and maintain your oral health and well-being.

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