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Teeth Whitening

Discoloration occurs in the enamel and can be caused by medication, coffee, tea, and cigarettes. Bleaching is a process used to whiten teeth. Some people get their teeth bleached to make stains disappear, while other just want a whiter shade.

Whitening your teeth can be achieved in 3 different ways. Performed bleaching trays are the cheapest option. Custom made trays are used for at home bleaching and are a bit more expensive, but can be used many times.

The quickest option to whiten your teeth is done in the dental chair. We use Zoom bleaching products. The bleaching gel is applied to your teeth and the process is enhanced by the use of the Zoom bleaching light. After a one and a half hour appointment, your teeth will be visibly whiter. Up to nine shades can be achieved. This is followed up by home bleach in custom made trays to keep your teeth white. It is advisable to have a checkup before bleaching to make sure there are no other problems.

Zoom Whitening

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